Who Are We

Since 2002, OHOI! have been leading-edge promoters of bass culture and bass music in Denmark. From the beginning, the original four man tall OHOI! crew were considered amongst the most visionary DJs and producers in Scandinavia. With an unstoppable force, they gave space to a variety of genres in Denmark – from UKG, 2-step and Drum & Bass to Grime and the evolution of Dubstep, UK Funky and the modern bass sounds of today.

Years later we have evolved into a volunteer music and organizer group that have created awareness of bass music at home and abroad. With more than 150 music events in the bag, the driving force is constantly exploring the many genres in which the bass plays a crucial musical role. At the same time, the local anchoring of the music and its performers is aimed at using the city’s overlooked and unused space, especially the unconventional, raw or industrial of the kind.

Over the years, OHOI! have also been the leading forces in the Festival Strøm and co-founders of the clubbing event RAW amongst others. Projects that work with music and diverse urban spaces, where the visual framework feeds the musical and cultural inspiration – rough music requires a raw environment!

OHOI! have received several awards for their deeds, including the Danish Club Award’s ‘Promoter of the Year’ and Danish DeeJay Award’s ‘Event of the Year’.  The latter no less than 8 times!